The Best Gifts For Him, Under $100

The Best Gifts For Him, Under $100

The perfect gifts for your boyfriend, dad, brother (….or whichever man in your life) is stumping you. No need to scour Pinterest any further! Your unique and awesome gifts are HERE.

I interviewed dozens of men in a range of ages just for this post, to find the absolute perfect gifts and I was surprised!!!

Men want PRACTICAL gifts. They really DO want t-shirts, socks, underwear etc. instead of some “cool” or unique, typical guy gifts.  I listed the top brands they chose and all the coolest stuff they say they really want but wont buy for themselves (the perfect gifts).

Whether you’re looking for Christmas, a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s day gifts, these guys have got you covered. All 100% man approved. We’re talking the most requested brands, games, gadgets etc.

Here we go!


The Very Best Gifts For Men


Gifts for boyfriend, gifts for him, gifts for men and gifts for dad, ALL HERE. This is the very BEST LIST EVER! I surveyed dozens of men and asked what Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Valentines etc. they would absolutely love. These ideas are unique, cool and range from cheap to high quality. The very best gifts for men by men! So very glad I did this survey. I learned so much! #SLL #christmas #christmasgifts #gifts #men


H&M Easy-iron Shirt Slim fit H&M: $14.99 (multiple colors)
One of the top requests, from men, were nice dress shirts. Of all the nice dress shirts we’ve ever purchased through the years (Thomas has had a closet stuffed with them), this particular brand and style has been the absolute best. Now, the quality isn’t the best in the whole wide world (there are some beautiful pricey brands) but the cut and various patterns it comes in are bar none. If the man you are buying for isn’t into slim fit, try Van Heusen’s Men’s Poplin Fitted Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt
. It’s been compared to some top notch brands. It runs a little on the larger side, so the “fitted” style is best.


Credit Card Multitool Pocket Tool Kit Wallet Tool Amazon: around $15 //  Holtzman’s Credit Card Knife #1 Best Wallet Knife Amazon: around $10
I have a couple of options listed here because the wallet knife was pretty popular in my survey, but Amazon also had a “credit card” multi-tool with raving reviews. Best of all, the multi-tool card even has a fire-starter along with 17 other options. It’s pretty fricken’ sweet. This is the perfect gift for the man who will always be a boy scout at heart.


Express socks $10.90 – $12.90 or buy 5 for $28
Patterned socks are all the rage right now. We’ve tried quite a few of them (among those: Sock It To Me and Pair of Thieves) but Express has always come out on top. The quality of their socks is impressive and their patterns are professional yet designer-esq and savvy.  While socks with cartoon things all over them is fine, most men seem to lean more towards a subtle and spiffy, yet fun sock.


Tile Item Finder (Gen. 2)
Amazon: around $20
I had heard of the tile finder but never looked it into it until this survey. They are pretty sweet. It really is the perfect idea for the man who’s a little bit of an innovator and also likes to be on top of his game; never having misplaced keys cause him to be late for anything. 



Men’s Buck Naked Performance Boxer Briefs Duluth Trading Company $22.50
“Duluth trading company underwear, nuff said,” was once response when I asked what the perfect gift for men was. I had several people agree that this would be the best gift.
A friend of mine added: “I was also going to say Duluth underwear [also]. Every guy I buy for wants those, but they never get for themselves. Underwear it is.”
I guess so!


Men’s Standard Fit Long Sleeve Henley T-Shirt – Goodfellow & Co™ Target: $14.99 (multiple colors)
Target recently introduced Goodfellow into their rolodex of irresistible brands. You will see a few more Goodfellow items on this list that the men picked out. This one is a spiffy basic that comes in a few different color options. If the man you are shopping for has complained of needing more clothes, this is a solid choice that can be dressed up or dressed down. 


Under Armour HeatGear Mirage 8 Inch Running Shorts – AW17 Amazon: around $20 (multiple colors)
Under the perfect gift category, workout clothes were very popular with the men as well. This pair of shorts is on several top lists for best workout shorts.  If the man you are shopping for learns more towards Nike, I included the top Nike workout short below on this list for $65. 


Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirts – Goodfellow & CO Target: $7.99 – $12.99 (multiple colors)
Does the man you are shopping for want more stylish basics? Check out Goodfellow’s Target portfolio of T-shirts. The subtle but gorgeous patterns and cuts will satisfy a large range of men.


Craftsman 17 pc. Screwdriver Set Sears: $22.49
One of the top requested gifts were tools! I was pointed towards Sears Craftsman tools because most all have a lifetime warranty which is unparalleled. If you are not sure what tools to get, try some basics like this screwdriver set. I also have a couple others in larger price ranges below. 



Men’s V-Neck Sweater – Goodfellow & Co™Target: $24.99 (multiple colors)
This is the #1 requested item from my husband and fits into the “nice basic” clothing category that was top in the survey.  (His favorite was the burgundy color.) These sleek V-Necks go great over a collared shirt and are the perfect addition any stylish men’s fall-spring wardrobe.






Men’s Pullover Shawl Collar Sweater – Goodfellow & Co™ Target: $29.99 (multiple colors)
This Men’s pullover is super snazzy and has five start reviews. If your man is one for comfort and style then this piece is his jam. There is an alternate “rust” color but the grey was most liked. 


Craftsman 20- piece Ratcheting Wrench Set – Inch & Metric Sears: $53.99
This ratchet set has close to a five solid star rating with almost 400 reviews, making it one of the highest rated and best selling tools on Sears’ website. Some of the positive features are: the slim handle design, the strength of the tools and the lifetime warranty which is unparalleled. A solid gift for the tool guy in your life.


Men’s Cable Crew Neck Sweater – Goodfellow & Co™ Target: $34.99 (multiple colors)
This is the last Goodfellow item I will mention but I saved the best for last. This cable sweater is comfortable and oh so stylish but not so modern that baby boomers would turn away from it. It’s a classic and yet stylish piece that would complete many a winter wardrobe…maybe even becoming a go-to.


Their favorite sports team hoodie Amazon: around $35.00
If the man you are shopping for is into sports, check out some great sports apparel. Amazon has an amazing selection and a variety of teams. A really nice sports hoodie was a favorite pick.



All on Xbox ONE, PC & PS4 and releasing this holiday season:
If the guy you are shopping for is a gamer, here are three games releasing Holiday of 2017 that are some of the most anticipated games of the year. If you know what games he plays, you probably know which one to buy right away! All of these can be purchases via Amazon on Xbox ONE, PC & PS4.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Amazon: around $60
 Call of Duty WWII  Amazon: around $60
Star Wars Battlefront II Amazon: around $60









NIKE FLEX Men’s 8″ Training Shorts Nike: $65 (various colors)
The Nike flex men’s training short is one of the best selling shorts on Nike’s entire website for men. These versatile, breathable and light shorts are perfect for a variety of exercises from weightlifting to running. 



NIKE DRI-FIT KNIT Men’s Short Sleeve Running Top Nike $80 (various colors)
Workout gear was also a top requested item from the guys and this Nike dri-fit knit tops the cake. You can’t go wrong with Nike’s workout tops. They are top notch, so light, breathable and they just look fantastic. 



Craftsman 230 piece Inch and Metric Mechanic’s Tool Set Sears: $89.99
This set is everything a mechanic needs and it’s top notch. Sporting close to five stars and over five hundred reviews, it’s one of the best tool sets out there. The “most helpful review” reads: “Can not beat craftsman warranty. this set comes with everything that is needed for the basic diy mechanic. I brought two sets one for me and one for my brother. Makes a great gift for any DIY and hands on guy.” There you go!


The North Face Mens Aconcagua Vest Amazon around $100 (various colors)
A big fall trend this year are men’s vests. I feel like I can’t go a few minutes without seeing a North Face men’s vest when I’m out. This particular men’s vest is The North Face’s best selling men’s vest and you can get it for a little bit cheaper when you order via Amazon. This one is definitely on the Christmas list!


Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot Amazon around $100
A beautiful pair of shoes falls perfectly under the “everyday item” category that men want but wont splurge to buy for themselves. Clarks has been a trusted and loved name brand and this particular shoe  has close to five solid gold stars on Amazon with close to 3,500 reviews! Ladies and gentlemen, that’s a great pair of shoes AND a perfect gift!


OVER $100

(After titling this post, I had some suggestions over $100 that I thought were great!)


Car Detail Amazon Services (yes, they have services now!: around $130)
Car detail? What a great idea! Several men mentioned this as an awesome gift. I would have never thought of this one. Good thing I decided to make this blog post! Did you know that Amazon has affiliated services all over the country? Just a few clicks and you’ve found a great car detail for him! (They also have a ton more; from house cleaning, yard services, home improvement and everything in-between.)


Artistry Men’s Collection Amway: $172.80
Is the man you are shopping for, detail oriented, spiffy and may secretly love some absolutely amazing pampering? I have heard RAVING reviews about this skincare collection for men. My husband uses it and honest to God, gets compliments all the time about his skin (as weird as that may be). Last month, we were at a party and someone told me that his skin looked so good, he should have been a model. The BEST thing about this skincare line is it’s 180 day (6 months) 100% money back guarantee. No joke. Tell the guy you are buying for to try it for 2-4 weeks at least and if he doesn’t absolutely love it, then send it back! They will fully refund you, no questions asked.


Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Amazon: around $170
If the man you are shopping for has an android and may be even a tad techy or love watches, he’ll definitely love this watch. This Amazon’s #1 bestselling smartwatch and the features are truly amazing. It seems there’s always some kind of watch on “what to buy for men” but now men want smartwatches more than the traditional watch. 




CUSTOM GIFT AMOUNTS: Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Various Designs)Amazon: various increments
Okay so, some people may think gift cards are lame but apparently most men honestly don’t agree. (I love a good Amazon gift card as well!) If you are not sure what to buy, instead of purchasing something they may not like (or God forbid, may want to…return) just buy them a gift card and they can pick out something they would really want.


Steam Gift Card Amazon $20, $50, $100
If the man you are shopping for has a Steam account and loves PC gaming via Steam, then they will LOVE  you if you get them a Steam gift card. So gift cards are not lame, girlfriend! Unless it’s for Blockbuster or something. 





Man Crates various increments
These are pretty sweet. There are tons of themes to choose from and you can even personalize your crate. Man crates kinds has almost everything under the sun a man would love, in a box. The best part? Giftees must open the crate up with a crow bar!




Give the gift of giving. Donate to a charity as their gift. There are some amazing charities to donate to.

  1. Toys for Tots is one of the best-known Christmas charities. It is run by the U.S. Marine Corps. Check out there website here to make a donation or find a drop off center near you.
  2. OneSimpleWish posts foster care children’s wishes online. Check out their wishes here.
  3. Operation Christmas Child provides gifts to children in crisis around the world. Volunteers are asked to pack a virtual shoebox or you can donate $25 to have the organization choose the gifts inside for you. Check it out here.

To see a full list of charities, check out Huffington Post’s great article: 9 Ways To Donate A Gift To A Child In Need This Holiday Season


I hope this list has given you some solid gift ideas for the amazing men in your life! <3

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  • Samridhi Kumar

    These are all such wonderful ideas. Buying gifts for men can be so dull usually.

    • Alice Bolte

      You are so right. Most men really do just want the basics! Glad we can make them happy though no matter their preference!!! <3

  • These are such great gifts but I really love that wallet multitool! My fiance would love that!

    • Alice Bolte

      That multitool has had raving reviews from guys! I never knew they existed until doing this survey. Haha. I am so glad you got a good gift idea for your fiancé!!! By the way – I just love your blog <3

  • Great gift ideas. Games are always a winner with the dudes.

    Happy Holidays!

    • Alice Bolte

      Agreed! I have been into gaming most of my life and used to work for ThinkGeek and GameStop so the inside scoop for gaming gift ideas was always a plus! 😀 And you are so right. Most guys totally dig games! Happy Holidays to you too, Christie!!!

  • lovely.. just sent this cross to my fiancee to make a choice for me. this is really a perfect gift guide for men. love this.

    • Alice Bolte

      Oh, thank you! You are so kind. I’m just so glad this list could be of help for you and your fiancé.

  • Great list! My dad is one of the people that says he doesn’t need anything. Although I have already gotten him some things he may actually want, I think it is great that you include charitable organizations. 🙂 I may check that out sometime.

    • Alice Bolte

      My husband is the same way :). It can make shopping so hard! Charitable organizations have been a great gift for the holidays for those who honestly don’t want anything. They have been very well received <3

  • I actually find it sooooo hard to find gifts for my other half, but the games are always a winner! This year, however, our new home is absolutely freezing so I’ve gone for gamer cosy things such as PJ’s with logos on etc… Safe to say he is fully nerded out this year!

    • Alice Bolte

      Love the monogramed pjs!!! Such a great gift idea. Games definitely can be a great go-to but the pjs sound like a total win. Complete nerd is our jam!

  • Love that henley! My boyfriend always asks for socks/ undies from Uniqlo. I find it odd, but I suppose he’s just normal!

    • Alice Bolte

      I know right?! Haha. Basics, basics, basics. I was completely surprised that underwear and socks were at the top of the lists!

  • This is a very good and useful collection of gifting ideas that you’ve provided and with all the affiliate links it will make it easier to purchase as well. Thanks for sharing ????

    • Alice Bolte

      Perfect. So glad!! Hope it can help with some Christmas shopping ideas 🙂

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