Hello, I’m Alice Bolte!

Welcome to Cape & Apron. My message here on C&A is “You’ve Got This!” Women are some of the strongest, most capable beings on this earth. We care for the children, keep up our home space, provide food, work hard and do SO MUCH MORE.

Moms today = superwomen. Seriously.

But that doesn’t mean every second of every day, we are perfect. $#*! happens and even when it doesn’t, we have to deal with juggling the world. We plow through our to-dos with imperfect perfection, get things done and keep going.

And sometimes we need a little advice when wine night with girlfriends (if you still have time for that after all you do!) isn’t cutting it.

I’m a mommy to 1.5 kiddos (one baby girl bun in the oven), wife to one awesome guy, a business owner, and a go-getter. When I was pregnant and working my tail off, I scoured the internet (mostly Pinterest) for how to properly prepare for baby, get our finances in order, keep up the home, do the dinners and well…basically DO ALL THE THINGS.

Okay, well I still do this but I’ve learned a LOT and have found a lack of information for new mommies including a lack of support. This blog is for you. Cape & Apron is here to dish the REAL deets of all things MOMDOM.


  • How you can prepare for baby to be here, not lose your mind, spend all your money and actually feel calm, collected and prepared. I know you’re shaking your head but trust me. You’ve got this.
  • What actually happens during labor and delivery that you seriously should know. No smiling, fake model stock-photos included.
  • How postpartum SUCKS but you can totally take steps for faster healing + comfort with those poor lady bits.
  • That baby sleep training is A THING and you can totally do this + have your little one sleep through the night no matter what method you choose.
  • Potty training may feel like a giant mountain to overcome (and sometimes you may feel like throwing that tiny potty against the wall) but it’s doable in a weekend with the right potty training steps.
  • Cloth diapers are no longer for grandma and hippies. Plus, ditch the whole giant white sheet + clothes pin idea. That’s ancient. Modern cloth diapering will save you $$$$$$$ and it’s not that hard if you get the right stuff. A.K.A. no Target run when you decide to try it out this weekend but Amazon is your BEST friend here. (This is one of Cape & Apron’s consistently top searched topics.)
  • Staying at home and not putting your brand new baby into daycare is doable if you can prepare ahead of time (like not when your baby is due tomorrow). If you’re already past this and are so OVER third-partying your child’s care, you can do it and I’m here to help show you the best way I know how. I make a full-time income from home during naptime and a few hours in the evenings and so can you.

Cape & Apron has been featured here and there. Well actually, A Silver Lined Life since C&A is brand spankin’ new. I’ve had too much going on to keep track but I know it’s good to mention that stuff in the “about” page. I’ll get to it eventually and include it here.

If you’d like to say hi and/or collaborate, drop me a line at [email protected]. Would love to hear from you!

And remember, you’ve got this, girlfriend!

<3 Alice

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