The ULTIMATE Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals for 2019

The ULTIMATE Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals for 2019

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is OVER! Prime Day ran, this year, July 15th and the 16th. BUT, feel free to check out the baby items below. These were the BEST preparing for baby deals of the year for new moms and pregnancy planning! Stay tuned for next year and if you want a glimpse of what baby deals you may expect in 2020, here’s your list!

Amazon Prime Day is MUCH BIGGER than Black Friday…there are better deals than CHRISTMAS. It seriously is like Christmas in July. 

Last year (2018), 76% of the deals on Prime Day were better than Black Friday. 

That means, there’s NO BETTER time to snag the very BEST savings on those larger baby gear items like strollers, car seats and other new parent essentials. Deals on those pregnancy must-haves are hard to beat at ANY other time. Your baby registry can get some serious love today!

This page was updated as Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals released.

Below, You’ll See Baby Deals *Updated* By These Categories:

1. Prime Day launches are featured products that go on sale early in lieu of “Launch Day” and are just a couple of brands typically (like the Moon and Back clothing brand) and will stay on sale throughout Amazon Prime days.

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2. Prime Day Deals are % off a group of products and have staggered launches in a certain category like “40% off Baby Toys”. These 20%+ off deals stay on sale throughout Amazon Prime Days.

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3. Lightning Deals are the exciting individual products marked by super low prices for a short period of time (these have a countdown on them and are up for grabs till the timer runs out or the items sells out).

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Prime Day Launches

Amazon has deals on special items for launch. Kind of like in-store Black Friday Deals. I already have this 3-pack of organic cotton short sleeve onesie/bodysuites in our cart.

AND we already own this Graco Landmark 3-in-1 Car Seat. IT’S FANTASTIC. I purchased it after HOURS of research on the best car seat to buy. Basically, you can use it from the newborn phase ALL the way to when your child no longer needs any sort of carseat, booster – whatever and can sit all by themselves in the back of the car. 

Some SWEET Featured Launches:

Graco Landmark 3-in-1 Car Seat, Wynton
4.9 out of 5 stars, 12 customer reviews

What people said:

Best 3-in-1 class Car Seat I’ve seen”


“Let me tell you… I have been through a many a car seats, and this one is one of my favorites.”

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Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Baby 3-Pack Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuit
Colors: Blue, Pink, White & Yellow
4.7 out of 5 stars, 5 customer reviews

What people said:

“These long-sleeved bodysuits are luxury for any baby lucky enough to be given them as part of there foundational wardrobe. Highly recommended.”


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♥Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson Baby/Toddler One-Piece Organic Cotton Footless Pajamas
There are 14 DIFFERENT colors!
4.9 out of 5 stars, 12 customer reviews

What people said: 

Our favorite baby brand!!!”

“I wore their pajamas when I was a kid!”

“I love this line! I have a few pieces from it, and the quality is exceptional for everything. Super soft organic cotton washes and dries great, with no shrinking/pilling/fading.”

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Preparing for you baby to come home? I put together a FREE guide to help you get everything DONE now!



Prime Day Deals

Right now it’s 12:54 am (I know, I’m up late looking through these deals) and there are some deals available now. 

I’m going to put them in a little quicker than the featured images above. For some reason (of course), I’m having issues with my blog and images won’t click! So, I’ll add a button below each item to click on.

Lansinoh Reusable Nursing Pads, Pack of 4 Pads with Machine Wash Bag, Reusable Pads with Superior Absorbency and Comfort, Bamboo Layer

Amazon Choice, 4.2 out of 5 stars (30% off today)

You’ll need nursing pads if you plan on breastfeeding and reusable ones are awesome. I’ve used ours for both babies and NEEDED them, especially those first few months with our newborns.

What people said:


“So I bought this to try it out as i have such a big issue with leaking and have been going through disposable pads so quickly. I was a bit skeptical at first as i have tried other washable nursing pads before and always leaked through. I have always loved Lansinoh products so when i saw these i decided to give it a try and let me just say, they do not disappoint!!”

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Aden by aden + anais Classic Swaddle Blanket

4.7 out of 5 stars

These swaddle blankets are the VERY BEST on the market. The problem? You only get three and they can cost well over $40. NOT today! They are 15-20% off with a special Prime Day Coupon. We received them as a gift for our shower from my aunt who said, “THESE are a life savor!” And they were the best item we received.

I can’t believe how cute they are, perfectly stretchy and such high quality. I strongly feel THESE 3 blankets are a baby registry MUST. I can’t tell you how many times one of these blankets calmed our crying babies to sleep just with a swaddle.

Check Out On Amazon Now

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ 3-Pack Snap-up Rompers

#1 Best Seller, 4.7 out of 5 stars

We have these rompers and they are SOOO cute. Hands down the cutest onesies our little ones have worn. The shape is just adorable – Carter’s got it down on this one!

What people said:

“Love the design of these rompers- the snap crotch is so nice for easy diaper changes. Docked star because the snaps are very tight and if you don’t snap them with the seams lined up the fabric stays twisted if that makes sense. The designs are super cute and my baby seems happy wearing them.”

“These are so cute and a great price for a pack. It’s my favorite style from Carter’s since it looks a bit like a dress but is more practical.”

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Scroll Through Other Baby Clothing Deals On All Kinds Of Styles Here: 50% OFF!

Babyganics Alcohol-Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer, Fragrance-Free, 8.45oz Pump Bottle (Pack of 3)

Amazon Choice, 4.2 out of 5 stars

Babies get up to 12+ viruses their first year! Newborns are SUPER susceptible to viruses and bacteria. We kept hand sanitizer (and have loved this brand!) by our changing table and on the entryway table. People used it all the time before holding our fresh new little baby. We used a lot!!

What people said:

Great all-purpose hand sanitizer around baby!”

Doesn’t dry out your hands and love the no fragrance!”

These are great! They foam up like hand soap from Target …”

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American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Quilted Cradle Mattress Pad Cover, White

Amazon Choice, 4.2 out of 5 stars

Great for leaks on that baby mattress (because you’ll have it well through those toddler years! (Baby crib mattresses fit on toddler beds).

What people said:

“I love this mattress pad so much! It keeps the memory foam mattress clean and dry. I don’t even put a sheet over it most of the time because it’s so soft. The top layer is very soft fabric and the bottom layer is the waterproof material. I would definitely recommend this product”

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American Baby Company 100% Natural Cotton Value Jersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini-Crib Sheet, Alphabet, Soft Breathable, for Boys and Girls

4.4 out of 5 stars

Cute, low-cost crib sheets.

What people said:

Perfect fit and good quality”

“These soft jersey sheets fit my DreamOnMe 3 inch mini mattress perfectly. I ran them through the washer and dryer and they held up great. ”

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Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Hello Little Friends On The Go Soft Teether Book, 5″

Amazon Choice, 4.8 out of 5 stars

This toy is AMAZING. BOTH our babies LOVED this little crinkle book. We went all around Toys R’ Us when our first was a tiny baby and handed toys to her. This is what she picked! It crinkles and there’s a chew tab. Literally, right now with our 7-month-old, we take this wherever we go. 

What people said:

“Great first soft book. So cute and my little gal loves the crunchy texture and sound. Keeps her busy and entertained independently. Also, a nice way to tell if she’s awake while riding in the car! She loves to scrunch and chew on it and is learning to flip the pages! It has some cute textures and peek-a-boo flaps for your little to explore. The included ring is a nice touch for keeping the book from hitting the floor. Would definitely recommend picking up this book for your little babe.”

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Baby Crib Set 4 pc, Crib Sheet, Quilted Blanket, Crib Skirt & Baby Pillow Case Grey Bamboo Design Combo

4.8 out of 5 stars

This is an ENTIRE bed set for a great price. Don’t use that pillow cover till after 12 months! BUT, it’s great it comes with one. We purchased a toddler pillow and they usually don’t come with covers AND they aren’t that easy to find.

What people said:

Beautiful color and nice texture”
Worth the Purchase.”

Amazing Product!”

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Amazon Brand – Mama Bear 99% Water Baby Wipes, Hypoallergenic, Fragrance-Free, 432 Count (6 Packs of 72 Wipes)

Amazon Choice, 3.8 out of 5 stars

If you aren’t going the cloth diaper route, you’ll end up using A TON of wipes. Snag deals on these puppies whenever you can. We use these kinds of “water wipes” and find they work best on-the-go and don’t leave rashes. BUT the reviews do mention they are a little dry and not 100% odorless. 

What people said:

Similar to water wipes at a cheaper price!”

“These wipes were pretty dry. I don’t know if it’s due to the shipping process, sitting on my doorstep or what, but it may be easier to just buy wipes at the store for this reason. I wouldn’t mind giving them one more try. They get the job done and I do like that they claim to be 99% water because my kids have sensitive skin.”

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Cotton Knit Jersey Swaddle Blanket and 2 Beanie Baby Hats Gift Set, Large Receiving Blanket by Ely’s & Co (Blush Pink)

4.9 out of 5 stars
Colors: 5 colors!

For the LIFE OF ME, I could not find a cute hat that fit our newborns! This hat is SO cute AND it comes with a receiving blanket. I’m surprised it has such good ratings!

What people said:

“I cannot stress how much I love these blankets. My only complaint is that they don’t have more colors so I can buy more 🙂 fabric is so soft and stretchy. Perfect easiest swaddle. Honestly, one of my fav newborn buys.”

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The Ark Memory Foam Changing Pad 

Amazon Choice, 4.8 out of 5 stars

A memory foam changing pad is a MUST! We have one just like this one and it’s held up amazing for both our kiddos (over 3 years and hundreds of changes) and will continue to! The contour sides and buckle are just fantastic.

What people said:

“Great changing table pad! This is so comfortable for my new born that I use it as a mattress in her porta cot and she sleeps brilliantly with it!”

Super comfortable and worth every penny”

Worth the price!”

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Playskool Play Favorites Busy Poppin’ Pals, Pop Up Activity Toy

Amazon Choice, 4.7 out of 5 stars

LOVE this toy! There was one of these at the library we went to and our baby was OBSESSED. It helps with motor skills and is SUPER entertaining! I bought one for my sister’s baby too. 

What people said:

“Saved the day!”

“A great easy, no fuss toy that requires no batteries, makes no sound and is easy to use. I wanted something that had all those characteristics plus something that was easy to clean and this is great. Our little one is not interested in toys very much, so she doesn’t really play with anything that long, but she will play with this for a while and be content.”

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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

4.8 out of 5 Stars

A MUST HAVE. We purchased this for our first at around 9 months, she was walking very quickly after this and it was her FAVORITE toy. NOW, our 6-month-old found it in the playroom and the front (you can take it off to put on the ground) is her FAVORITE toy. She literally beelines for it – now starting to crawl – every time it’s around. 

What people said:

This is the most amazing toy ever!”

“This walker is way better than expected!! I needed a good walker from my 8month old because the one I had for my now 2 yr old was horrible. This walker was PERFECT! The toys on the from are great and fun, she has a great time with the mini piano. The whole front piece comes off so it can also floor play pad type toy. The BEST part, the adjustable wheels.”

IN FACT, I added THIS toy to our BEST baby toys under 1-year list here and you can see a GIF of our little one walking with it at 9 months!

Check Out On Amazon Now

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Peg Puzzles, See-Inside Alphabet & Numbers

#1 BEST seller, 4.7 out of 5 stars

These puzzles are awesome! Your newborn won’t be able to play with them but they are usually expensive and hands down, one of the BEST toys we’ve had. I have a video of our oldest learning to use these as a baby! I was shocked at how little kiddos can be to do these. We’ve used these puzzles SO MUCH, in fact – even yesterday we played with them for over an hour (mixing them all up in a bin). We even played “which one is different” and I lined up 3 images with 1 different one and did patterns (two developmental things a toddler should learn). 

What people said:

“I LOVE this set of puzzles!! My son learned his colors with the fish puzzle, and it was one of the first puzzles he was able to figure out on his own. He likes to ‘experiment’ by putting the wrong colors together before putting them in the right place. We are working on the numbers now and it’s nice that they are so big.”

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Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Baby Travel System, Gotham

Amazon Choice, 4.2 out of 5 stars

This is one of my FAVORITE items up for grabs during Amazon Prime Day today!!! And I CAN’T believe the price. We’ve used this set for YEARS, beat the sh*& out of it and it still looks brand new. It even fits in the back of our little Malibu.

I LOVE how you can click the car seat right out of the car (while baby is sleeping) and click it quietly and securely into this stroller. I used it ALWAYS with both of our little ones for everything. It was amazing for getting out of the house with a newborn to walk the neighborhood and get fresh air, trips to get groceries (there’s a great compartment in the bottom), jogging, going to the zoo and just everyday stuff. I can’t say more great things about it!

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Boon Bundle Feeding Set

Amazon Choice, 4.8 out of 5 stars

I’ve always wanted one of these! Even with breastfeeding at home, I had to clean those breast pump parts twice a day AND clean bottles. I WISH I had this one. We received a wonderful but very plain bottle drying station. A friend of mine has this one and it’s just adorable.

What people said: 

“I LOVE the bottle brush, hahaha
And this looks so cute on my counter top! I do however HATE that they don’t sell the larger one in a bundle like this.”

A lot more useful than expected. Works so well with bottles and even pump parts. Worth the price for what you get, decent quality. Nice to keep separated from other dishes. One of the best purchases so far for having a baby.”

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Munchkin Happy Snacker Snack Catcher and Sippy Cup Set, 4 Count, Pink/Orange

Amazon Choice, 3.9 out of 5 stars
Colors: 3 different sets!

LOVE these things! We tried a ZILLION sippy cups and this one was one of the best transitions from the bottle + I kept running into moms with these genius snack cups! We got a couple and I love them. They DO NOT prevent 100% of messes but are fantastic for preventing the most of it. I HIGHLY recommend this combo!

What people said: 

“These cups are our very favorite. We’ve tried about ten different types of cups and these are by far the best and the only ones she can use completely on her own!!”
“My baby is now 21mths and he has been using it since turning a year old. His little handle grips the handle well and he can drink from any angle – which is amazing, cause babies/toddlers do not sit upright all the time to drink. “

Boppy Boutique Pillow Cover, Pink White Floral Duet, Minky Fabric in a fashionable two-sided design

4.6 out of 5 stars

LOVE the design of this cover! I use our Boppy every two hours ALL day and will do so for 2 years! Our Boppy will have had FOUR YEARS of use (with two babies)! 

What people said:


“Very soft and comfy!”

Check Out On Amazon Now

Tommee Tippee First Sips Soft Transition Cup

3.4 out of 5 stars

THIS was the very BEST transition cup we used. When we were trying to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup, we tried everything but this worked AMAZING. I hesitated to get it because it was so expensive BUT this deal is CRAZY cheap – I can’t believe it! It was a sad, sad day when we left it on the top of our car as we drove off. Our daughter cried because her favorite sippy cup went missing. Adding to our cart to use with our current baby….

What people said:

Refused Every Other Bottle Nipple”

Great transition from bottle”

Check Out On Amazon Now

Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

#1 Best Seller, 4.6 out of 5 stars

Jumpers are AMAZING for keeping your little one active, learning, helping with motor skills and entertained. But don’t take my word for it – here’s what other people had to say:

What people said:

Game Changer in the development of my daughter.”

This has been the best thing we have ever bought our kid”

Nothing short of AMAZING!”

Check Out On Amazon Now

…excuse me- just adding this to my cart right now…

Up to 50% OFF in Kids and Baby Apparel! -> CRAZY deals!

Save 20%+ OFF Baby Nursery Items! -> TONS of stuff in here <3

Save 20% OFF on Graco products -> YES to that stroller & car seat!

Save 20% or More On Baby Activities & Gear -> AWESOME play mats & baby carriers!

Save 20% OFF on Baby Feeding Things -> LORDY there are some amazing deals in this category. I’ll have to be listing them, they’re so good.

Save 40% OFF on Toys! -> LOVE these deals!!!

Save 20% on Baby Nutrition -> That means formula!

Save 20% off Baby Basics -> Like wipes, changing pad liners & more

Lightning Deals! Available Now OR SOON (Click to “watch” these items!)

Alrighty, I’ve now updated the page again – it’s 5:43 pm CST. I’ll be back in an hour or so to add more things for the 10 am timeframe and on.

Times below (that the items go on sale) are based on Amazon’s Pacific Time Zone. These are my TOP items. Again, HERE’S YOUR GO TO PAGE for all things BABY if you want to see everything.

I’ve put a heart next to extra special AWESOME items (that we have and LOVE).

X Magnetic Cabinet Locks 4:15 am – (Ended) 
Must have for baby safety

X BabyX Diaper Bag Backpack – 4:00 am – (Ended)
#1 in Baby Bag Diaper Backpack. A LOT like the one we have and it’s AMAZING. I’ve tried several different “diaper bags”. 

X Childproof Safety Locks – 4:05 am – (Ended)
Amazon’s choice for baby proofing straps. An alternative cabinet lock

X Pacifier Clip & Teething – 5:00 am – (Ended)
We HAVE one of these and we LOVE it. The colors are cute AND our little baby loves it. 

X Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup – 5:15 am – (100% Claimed)
We HAVE these also! It’s our little one’s FAVORITE cup of all time. We had to go get more colors. Haha. They don’t spill (unless banged against the table) and are magic. 

X Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack – 7:20 am – (100% Claimed)
Another bag almost identical to ours. This one is an “Amazon Choice” item and comes in SUPER cute colors!

X Sarah Wells Cold Gold Breastmilk Cooler Bag – 7:25 am – (Ended)
We have a breastmilk cooler bag and before I bought it, I thought I would use it sparingly BUT I use it ALL the time. THESE are super cute! Way cuter than mine + we continued to use them for ALL those toddler snacks in the diaper bag. Perfect.

X Baby Bandana Drool Bips – 8:35 am – (Ended)
We received these at our first baby shower and I honestly thought they were a little silly and just 100% for cuteness. Now…I dig through laundry ALL THE TIME to find these suckers because we only have 3. Our baby is a spitter and these save her outfits. I wish I had one for every outfit.

X Lekebaby Large Diaper Bag Backpack for Mom in Grey with Arrow Print – 9:15 am – (Ended)
Another SUPER cute baby backpack. An Amazon Choice item. 

X AUKEY Night Light, Rechargeable Bedside Lamp – 11:40 am – (Ended) GET THIS. We have one and I LOVE it. I used it ALL the time when nursery our newest. It’s soft, so I could use it in the bedroom without waking the hubby up and didn’t bother the baby. You can carry it and move it from room to room and the battery lasts forever. We now use it for our toddler’s night light. Perfect!

X Baby Portable Changing Pad – 12:10 pm – (100% Claimed)
An Amazon Choice item + necessity. We have a changing clutch and it’s BOMB. I use it every time we go out and need to change our baby. Those public changing tables are ICKY, man.

X Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover – 1:49 pm – (100% Claimed)
We FINALLY took our newborn out (after TWO months of staying indoors during RSV season this winter). We went to Walmart…2 days later, she had RSV and our toddler had an EPIC flu. They had run out of cart wipes at the store. If you don’t get this shopping cart cover, get one. I can’t tell you enough how worth it, it is.

X BABYBJÖRN New Baby Carrier One Air 2019 Edition – 1:49 pm – (100% Claimed)
A baby carrier is a must. At least some form. This brand is great but make sure you find one you like and one that has great reviews. 

X GAGAKU Baby Diaper Caddy Organizer – 2:34 pm – (Ended)
A diaper caddy may be super necessary but helpful if you plan on having multiple changing tables in the house or bringing it with you to your mom’s. BUT it IS super cute!

X Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy Mom & Baby Healthcare and Grooming Gift Kit – 3:54 pm – (100% Claimed)
GET THIS. This kit has the MIRACLE Nose Frida which sucks snot out of your baby’s nose. Which you need because babies can’t breathe out of their mouths at first! SO if there’s a cold, you HAVE to do this. Those gross bulbs are history and get super moldy PLUS can cause terrible damage to those teeny noses (our poor newborn got a HUGE bloody nose from one). Get the nose Frida PLUS there’s a Fridet in there WHICH is AMAZING for you, momma!

X HAN-MM Wood Baby Gym with 3 Wooden Baby Teething Toys Foldable Baby Play Gym – 5:09 pm – (Ended)
(Amazon choice item) I wanted this! Too bad our littlest wasn’t born closer to Amazon Prime Day. MOST baby play gyms are so crazy looking but I LOVE this wooden look and our baby would’ve had a hay day with this toy. She loved our Skip Hop one.

X ALVABABY Cloth Diapers – 6:09 pm – (Ended)
LORD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN ABOVE – YES! THESE are my TOP recommended diapers for babies 5-6 months +. You will save thousands. We’ve used these for two kiddos now! And gosh, they are so easy. Buy a Thirsties hemp liner to go under the microfiber inserts that come with these. Read more about cloth diapering here.

X Blooming Bath – Baby Bath – 7:29 pm – (Ended)
Have you seen those lotus petal sink bathtub insert thingies? Here’s one and it’s super adorbs. Not 100% necessary but sure cute! On the plus side, it’s got over 1500 reviews with close to a 5-star rating. 

X BABYBJORN Baby Plate, Spoon and Fork – Orange/Turquoise, 2-Pack – 7:44 pm – (Ended)
Baby plates by a good brand. And they’re just cute. <3

X Pregnancy Pillow, Full Body Maternity Pillow with Contoured U-Shape by Bluestone, Back Support – 7:29 pm – (Ended)
Because sleeping while pregnant can be HARD. I got a body pillow and it made a world of a difference!

X BabyMemory Diaper Bag Multi-functional Mommy Backpack – 2:39 am – (Ended)
We have a bag almost identical to this one (looks like there are a lot of copies! BUT it’s amazing). 

X Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat, Blue – 2:49 am – (Ended)
LOVE these nonstick baby trays!

X The Evenflo EveryStage DLX All-in-One Car Seat (Ended)
We have Graco’s version of this and I LOVE having ONE carseat that will last till my kiddos don’t need to use carseats anymore!

X Sarah Wells Claire Breast Pump Bag (Black) – 6:34 am – (Ended)
This pump bag is SO cute. Loving the Sarah Wells bags that have been on Prime Day today.

X Sarah Wells Lizzy Breast Pump Bag (Le Floral) – 7:54 am – (Ended)
This pump BAG is cute also!

X Baby Bandana Drool Bibs for Girls – 7:59 am – (Ended)
Finally! Girl bibs on the Amazon Prime Day sale! I thought these bandana bibs were all show (before we got them at our shower) but they are AMAZING. 

X Infant Baby Stroller for Newborn and Toddler – Cynebaby – 8:14 am – (Ended)
I’ve seen THIS stroller out in public several times and each time I gawk at it a little. The rose gold, marron and espresso cream colors are just eye-popping and just beautiful. 

X Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup, Green/Blue, 7 Ounce, 2 – 9:09 am – (Ended)
Again, we LOVE these. The first Munchkin Miracle cup from this morning went QUICK. So, I expect this to be 100% sold out fast as well!

X Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender with Cook Book – 9:34 am – (Ended)
Making your own baby food at home is EASY and quick. Did you know that prepackaged (in jars and pouches) baby food is like fast food? It should be the exception for what your baby eats not the rule. Your baby will begin eating baby food somewhere between 4-6 months when pediatrician approved. We have a baby food set almost identical to this one and I use it ALL the time, almost daily. It’s amazing.

XBABYBJORN Smart Potty – White – 9:39 am – (Ended)
THIS. I could give this potty ALL THE HEARTS. This exact potty is recommended by potty training experts and we have one. It’s a “small” potty, made so you can start potty training very early but you can easily use it for awhile. Our three-year-old uses it regularly. Read more about this potty in our potty training post!

X Itzy Ritzy Sealed Wet Bag With Adjustable Handle – Washable and Reusable Wet Bag with Water – 9:44 am – (Ended)
Wet bags are the We *always* have one in our diaper bag. There’s no telling what will get pooed, peed, vomited or spit on.

X Sarah Wells Pumparoo Wet/Dry Bag for Breast Pump Parts (Le Floral) – 10:14 am – (Ended)
SO CUTE. Beats having a ziplock bag. LOVE Sarah Wells pumping in style purses and accessories!

X American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Crib and Toddler Protective Mattress Pad Cover, White – 10:54 am – (Ended)
These waterproof fitted mattress covers are a life savor. We have this one! You’ll likely be using that mattress for a long time. (They fit toddler sized beds).

X ezpz Mini Mat – One-Piece Silicone placemat + Plate (Blue), One Size – 11:14 am – (Ended)
I’ve seen these around everywhere and they are SO cute. Babies make SO MUCH mess + toddlers. I LOVE having things separated out for them.

X Lekebebay Portable Diaper Changing Pad Built-in Head Cushion Waterproof Baby Travel Changing – 11:44 am – (Ended)
Travel stations are wonderful and a necessity. Those baby changing tables are gross!

X Ronica First Year Baby Memory Book & Baby Journal – Modern Baby Shower Gift & Keepsake – 12:24 pm – (Ended)
I WISH I had purchased a baby book and journal just like this before each of our babies were born.

X Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System, Phantom – 12:29 pm – (Ended)
This jogger is a lot like Graco’s. I LOVE those jogger carseat combos!

X Burt’s Bees Baby – Burp Cloths, 5-Pack Extra Absorbent 100% Organic Cotton Burp Cloths – 12:44 pm – (Ended)
A friend of mine has these and they feel so fancy…like ‘even what my baby throws up on is 100% organic’  HA. They are adorable.

X Baby Wrap – Baby carrier in 9 Colors – 6:19 – (Ended)
Baby wraps are the BEST! It’s just so easy to put them on, they are light and the weight is evenly distributed. This is a fantastic brand and I’ve heard amazing things with this particular wrap. We have the Mobi, which is the competitor.

X ThermoPro Digital Medical Infant Thermometer – 6:39 pm – (Ended)
We have one of these and it’s awesome. You’ll need to pay careful attention to your little one’s temperature when he or she is sick so a dependable thermometer is a must.

X Parker Baby Diaper Caddy – Nursery Storage Bin and Car Organizer for Diapers and Baby Wipes – 6:59 pm – (Ended)
I’m LOVING these storage bins. Gosh, they are so cute. You can just pick up all your essentials and change rooms or head to the parent’s house. 


How To Shop Amazon Prime Day Like A MOM BOSS PRO

Amazon gave us a little guide on how to get the very BEST out of Amazon Prime Day. This will help you score deals and shop Amazon Prime like the pregnancy momma boss you are. Here’s how to get the MOST out of Amazon Prime Day 2019:

1. Make sure you are a Prime Member. You can only take part in Amazon Prime Day as a member. 
Why you may want to seriously consider Prime as a new mommy:
Prime has AMAZING baby registry benefits. You can add any baby item on ANY website on their registry (this SOLD me – we used Amazon for our registry with both babies), FREE 90 day returns (they are super awesome about this), a 15% OFF one time discount!, a FREE welcome box valued up to $35 dollars off and you get access to DEALS in your area. WHOOT! 
With a newborn, having a delivery service ready to ship things to our door within 48 hours was…a breath of fresh air. We were able to order anything from food to diapers and have it at our doorstep without leaving the house. Thank you, Amazon. Auto-order for things like wipes and diapers while saving money is fantastic too. Check out Amazon Prime here.

2. Download the FREE Amazon app which will allow you to preview and shop deals the best way Amazon has set up Prime Day.

3. Share Your Prime Membership. Yep! You can do this. Amazon says, “A Household allows you to connect and share Amazon benefits with the whole family. Two adults and up to four teens and four child profiles may link in a Household.”

4. “Watch” deals on items you WANT on the app. Here’s Amazon’s quick page on how to do this and make the MOST out of Amazon Prime Day. Have certain items you’ve been eyeballing? Tap “Watch this deal” on those items and you’ll get an alert when they go on sale on Prime Day.

5. Make sure to have or the Amazon app up wherever and whenever you want to access deals as they roll in. Deals will go on sale for a limited time and go back to their original price after this time has expired throughout the 15th and 16th.

6. Understand the 3 different types of Prime Day deals.
Prime Day launches are featured products that go on sale early in lieu of “Launch Day” and are just a couple of brands typically (like the Moon and Back clothing brand) and will stay on sale throughout Amazon Prime days.
Prime Day Deals are % off a group of products and have staggered launches in a certain category like “40% off Baby Toys”. These 20%+ off deals stay on sale throughout Amazon Prime Days.
Lightning Deals are the exciting individual products marked by super low prices for a short period of time (these have a countdown on them and are up for grabs till the timer runs out or the items sells out).

7. HERE’S YOUR GO TO PAGE for all things BABY. I found this page earlier and had to go back in my history to snag it again. I’m adding it here so you can check out the deals NOW and what’s coming up. 

Things are currently going, going, going!


Stay tuned for more Amazon Prime Day baby deals!

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