Baby’s First Walking Shoes

Baby’s First Walking Shoes

This week, little Mae got her very first kicks. Sporting those neon teal and pink sneakers, she had a blast (giggling the whole time) in the beautiful summer weather. Through mud, scuffs, falls, grass, rocks and fun little puddles I held her two little hands as she smiled from ear-to-ear.

Not knowing what to expect, last week, I had taken her out around our complex to walk in some soft crib shoes.  She stumbled in them and tore them up quickly on the concrete. That’s when the light bulb flickered on…soft shoes = bad for walking outside.

I had overheard two moms talking at the Children’s Museum (I promise I’m not always a weird eavesdropper) about how it’s important to buy a good pair of walking shoes. I was curious.


The Best Baby Shoes, For Baby’s First Steps


Cute baby shoes for girls or a boy made just for walking. Skip the DIY, decoration, patterns, crochet, Jordans, boots, vans, nike, converse, Uggs and moccasins. You need to buy a walking shoe that is sturdy and built just for baby’s first steps! Here’s everything you need to know about buying the best first pair of baby walking shoes for your infant or toddler!

Why it’s important to buy a good pair of walking shoes

Your baby is developing his or her gate and walking pattern. A bad pair of cheap shoes will alter those steps and may inhibit their development. A.K.A. they may learn to walk weird.

This means you should skip out on flip-flops, wedges, boots, sandals with loose straps, and basically anything with a heel.


What to look for (from experience!)


When learning to take their first steps, little ones will scuff the crap out of the front of the sole. Make sure you buy shoes with tough rounded soles.


The shoe needs to be structurally sound, not soft, loose in odd places or shaped uncomfortably.


Having the ability to easily remove the shoes is essential. I have to remove them every time we get in and out of the car and go in or outside because Mae will put them in her mouth! Make sure you can secure the straps snugly.


You can choose whatever sole color you want but keep in mind that your little one’s shoes will most likely be covered in black on her very first adventure.


Sizing is key

Mae is one week shy of the eleven-month mark and her tiny little feet measure at 4.25 inches. She fit into a generic size 3.

Below is a handy measuring tool for you if you are ordering offline but trying them out in person is always best. Each shoe company fits a little differently. Don’t keep the shoe if the measurements or any other factors are off. Return them!

Keep in mind that your baby’s shoe should be at least one pinky finger’s width (your own) longer than his or her big toe. This allows your child’s foot to grow uninhibited.



What shoes I recommend

Since your toddler’s very first walking shoes are the most important pair, you want to look for a pair that allows her to move naturally, as if she is barefoot. The brand that I recommend has shoes especially made for baby’s first steps with shoes that are soft, flexible (so toddlers can feel the ground beneath them) and durable. These shoes also have those awesome rounded soles to help with stumbling. Below are just some of the super cute styles from Stride Rite’s soft motion™ line, made especially for first steps. Check out all of Stride Rite’s soft motion™ shoes here.

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  • Dealman

    These shoes are really beautiful and they work great. I like them very much! Thank you!

    • Alice Bolte

      They are awesome shoes! Glad they worked out great for your little one!

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