8 Baby Registry Must Haves, Often Overlooked!

8 Baby Registry Must Haves, Often Overlooked!

Zipping through online stores, Pinterest and blog posts, you may feel overwhelmed by what exactly you need on your baby registry.

Even if you spent hours sifting through Pinterest pins, it’s likely you still aren’t exactly sure you’ve got everything you need. I sure had this feeling!

I am in the process of creating a super comprehensive, ultimate registry list but just as important were the top things I forgot to add to my registry that I really do regret!

UPDATE. Here it is! Make sure to check out:

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8 Baby Registry Must Haves, Often Overlooked!


Baby stuff for your baby registry (that are must haves!) and essentials for first time moms, often overlooked! This checklist has the best tips on Amazon items that are life savors! If you’re looking for what to put on your baby registry, look no further! Love this!


FridaBaby Nasal Aspirator with 20 Extra Hygiene Filters
Babies don’t even breath through their mouths the first few months. It is very important to clear that breathing passage. This is why we are given that old fashioned bulb for free at the hospital. That bulb is terrible. Just Google baby bulb mold, look at the pictures and you will know what I am talking about! It’s almost impossible to clean those things. What’s even worse is the bulb’s hardcore suction can rupture your tiny beautiful new baby’s nasal passages.

Babies and toddlers often have 8 to 10 colds a year before they turn 2 years old. -Web MD

You will have a lot of colds to deal with no matter how sanitary and cautious you are!

I looked up YouTube videos on how to properly suction my newborn’s nose with the bulb and ended up with blood coming out of both of her nostrils. I was so mortified! I cried. How had this happened, I was so careful?!

Avoid this and add the Nose Frida to your registry. Honestly, it’s the best thing I did when Mae had her colds. It is safe, sanitary, easy to clean and won’t hurt your baby.



Baby Car Mirror for Back Seat | View Rear Facing Infant in Backseat | CRASH TESTED
Your baby will be in a rear facing car seat and consequently, you will have no way to check on him or her (or even see them). If and when something happens where you need to check on them, you will have to wait to find a safe place to park, get out and then get back on the road.

I have read stories of mothers whose children have been saved by a baby mirror because they were able to see and prevent injury.

Now, there are some unsubstantiated claims that baby car mirrors are dangerous in the event of an accident. Buy a quality mirror like the one listed and make sure, when installed, it is very secure. Then, the pros will far outweigh the cons.



Stride Rite Haylie Mary Jane (Stride Rite has many other shoe types)
Baby walking shoes can be expensive and yet a very necessary item! Mae first started to want to walk everywhere (with our help) around 9 months old. By the time she was 10 months old, she wanted to walk so much, that I needed to buy her some sturdy walking shoes to protect her feet. I was carrying her everywhere when we were outside and she desperately wanted to walk! Her feet measured at 4.25 inches, fitting a size 3.5.

I had added some soft crib shoes to our registry but sadly, they were torn the very first day walking outside. 🙁 I desperately wished we had added good quality walking shoes to our registry.

Note: it is best for baby to go barefoot whenever possible when learning to walk. This helps your baby naturally learn proper pressure, correct gait, builds the arch and strengthens their ankles. Keep baby shoes on for very short amounts of time and only when needed. I put them on her when we have a decent walk to the car or when we are walking our dog around our apartment so she can walk too! I found it extremely helpful to give her the option of walking outside instead of being forcibly carried or strapped into a stroller.



Munchkin Waterproof Changing Pad Liners, 3 Count
These changing pad liners are a life saver. You may be thinking, “Why do I need a cover for a cover?” Without it, you will be getting daily excrements on your pretty changing pad cover. I soon found out I had to change these suckers a couple times a day! In addition, I have actually started adding a third layer: a folded, cheap cotton old-school “flat” cloth diaper. These changing pad liners are a must have.



JJ Cole Strap Covers
Every time I strapped Mae into the carseat, she would end up with bright red strap marks. When one of them stayed for a couple days and looked painful, I ordered strap covers. I did not use them when right when she was born because they seemed just too big but a month in, I added them as soon as I could. Now, the seat belts don’t dig into her skin and leave marks! These JJ Cole Strap Covers are reversible and have a nice fussy side. 



Marpac Dohm-DS All Natural Sound Machine, White (multiple colors)
LIFE SAVOR. At first, I read that sound machines may interfere with baby’s “natural sleep”. The more I read, the more I found that they helped and were actually recommended for infant sleep. In those first few months, anything to help with my baby’s sleep was welcome!

We live in a Denver apartment complex and while it’s not interstate-city loud, it does get noisy at times. Mae has slept through that noise solely because of this sound machine. I know because one time we forgot to turn it on and some dumb-nut’s bass shook our walls and we had a screaming baby on our hands. When said dumb-nut goes by with his bass, she will always (and I mean always) sleep through loud noises with this sound machine.



BABYBJORN Smart Potty – Orange (multiple colors)
I’ve read that American toddlers are some of that latest little ones in all of the world to be potty trained. Apparently, this social norm started because it’s easier for day cares. Some moms start potty training as soon as 6 months or as soon as they start using a high chair. These moms report potty training success before 18 months – sooner than most even
start potty training! I wish I would have added a nice potty-training seat onto our registry to have it on hand and start early!

There are specific seats made for tiny butts and early potty-training. The Babybjorn smart potty is one of those and has amazing reviews!



Alva Baby New Design Reusable Washable Pocket Cloth Diaper
Most people imagine cloth diapering like grandma used to do it: one giant thin cloth sheet folded down somehow and pinned together with a safety pin. Any flicker of thought around what kind of disgusting, gross cleanup must go along with cloth diapers inevitably turns most moms away immediately.

There’s a new diaper in town. Modern cloth diapers have come a looong way since your grandma’s time. Cloth diapering is easy, saves thousands and there are super cute colors and prints. The best kind are just like a disposable you wash. I even use a flushable liner. No dealing with poo. Ever. Yep – it’s that easy. I wish I would have added an entire cloth diapering system on my registry. They are expensive but SO WORTH the one time purchase. You will never have to buy diapers ever!

Many people swear by Alva Baby pocket diapers and I have a few of these too. I mainly use Alva Baby Covers + Nikki’s Diaper Prefolds as inserts + a liner on top. Check out my Cloth Diaper 101 post to read more and add all the cloth diapering things you need on your registry:




I hope this list helps some new mommies out there! Do you have something you wished you would have added to your registry? Add it in the comments and let us all know! Also, if you are in preparing-for-baby mode, this ultimate hospital bag checklist is awesome! You can download it for FREE below and check out the post here if you’d like! 

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