Top Baby Summer Sun And Fun, Must Haves!

Top Baby Summer Sun And Fun, Must Haves!

The hot sun is bearing down on the world and your poor baby’s brand new, fresh little flawless cherub skin is feeling the heat. Summer is here and that means moms everywhere are stashing the sunscreen and lathering by the minute.

It’s not recommended that babies under 6 months wear sunscreen but when the sun’s rays are pelting you and your little with no option to duck and cover, most moms agree that sunscreen is better than a sunburn. And of course, there is the scary later-in-life melanoma threat (the risk doubles) if a baby has one super bad burn in infancy.


Top Baby Summer Sun And Fun, Must Haves! 

Top Baby Summer Sun & Fun, Must Haves! The best baby stuff you need for summer and protecting your little one from the sun. Everything from swimsuits and sunscreen to floats and sunglasses. Check it out!


Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen Lotion, SPF 50, 6oz Tube
When choosing a sunscreen for your baby’s new sensitive skin, it’s best to choose one specifically designed for infants. I have tried a few different baby sunscreens and Babyganics is my top choice. It’s non-allergenic, tear free, made with safe ingredients and best of all, it won’t break the bank. In store (at Target) I had to snatch a new bottle up on the way to the pool and regretted later not ordering this ahead of time on Amazon. I could have purchased TWO of the same bottles on Amazon for close to the same price as one bottle at Target!



Nozone Fiji Sun Protective Baby Swimsuit in your choice of colors – UPF 50+ (sizes 0-24 months)
On Amazon, this full body baby suit is top. Not only are the colors just adorable, the suit is UPF 50+, it’s made with no chemicals added and you can throw it in the washer/dryer when done. This suit is just perfect for covering that new skin from the molten sun. Now, in the mile high city, we can spend a few carefree hours at the pool, sunburns excluded.



Alva Baby Swim Diapers 2pcs Pack One Size Reusable & Adjustable (0-24 months)
Many moms who exclusively use disposable, switch to cloth for swimming. My cousin’s poor little baby ended up with a blistering, bleeding rash because of the chemicals used in disposable swim diapers. Cloth swim diapers are trimmer, you can use them over and over and they are super easy to use. Alpha mom has entire article on cloth vs. disposable swim diapers that I found very helpful. Check it out here. I chose Alva because they are less expensive, the prints are debatably the cutest out there and I already love their cloth diapers!



Sun Smarties Unisex Babies Toddler Kids UPF 50+ Non-Skid Sand and Water Socks (sizes 0-24 months)
It’s hard to keep little feet lathered in sunscreen when they’re off running around everywhere, so UPF water socks are awesome. They are thinner, so with rocky surfaces you may need to add shoes but for the pool they are perfect.




Baby BanZ: Adventure BanZ – 18 Exciting Colors | 100% UVA/UVB Protection | (4-24 months)
When we first started looking into protective eyewear for Mae, we wanted something that she wouldn’t throw off and looked cute. I read other great reviews on these goggles, so I decided to try them out. Now Mae doesn’t act like her face might melt in bright sunlight and her eyes are protected. If you want your baby to wear eye protection, I would advise buying earlier than later (if you can), so your baby can get used to the feel of them at a younger age.



i play. Baby & Toddler Flap Sun Protection Swim Hat (sizes for 0-18 months)
I play’s hat is UPF 50+, has a closure at the chin (less pulling off) and comes in cute colors. It’s also water resistant and goes through the washer and dryer. The price is good too. ‘Nuff said.




SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy (9-24 months)
Ok, so the giant lobster may look corny to you (trust me, it did on my end at first) but a few buyer pics on Amazon told me it looked a whole heck of a lot cuter in person.  I chose this particular float because the canopy is nicely adjustable, it’s not too ginormous, I like the colors and many other people seemed to love it too. I opted for a float because vests and inflated suites would require me to hold Mae and the possibility of her going face first in the water was one I wanted to avoid. With this float, her feet are free to kick in the water and the toys are fun for her to play with. She loved it!



Carseat Canopy Cover and Nursing Cover- Large Arrow Pattern w/ Blue Minky
A carseat cover is a must to keep your baby protected from sun, wind, bugs etc. A blanket thrown over a baby carrier is unsafe, so Kids N’ Such’s design allows for safe shade with it’s trademarked Peekaboo Opening (my favorite thing about this cover). Remember to keep one flap wide open (the side that is not in the sun) when in the direct heat of the sun. This allows nice air movement through the cover for your little one. I use my carseat cover every single day when we are out to shade our little one from the sun. In the winter, it’s great to protect your little one from the elements as well.



Most experts agree that the best form of protection is prevention. That means trying to stay in when the sun’s rays are the most potent: between 10 am and 4 pm. But hey, it’s understandable if you can’t manage this every day. Most families don’t typically live under a rock. So don’t fret if you don’t either. If you do go out in the sun, have a wide-brimmed hat on your little one and lightweight clothing that covers their arms and legs.

Watch for signs of dehydration: fussiness, crying and any redness. If you do see that your little one is getting any sort of red, move him or her out of the sun and apply a cold compress.

Now that your baby’s brand new, fresh little flawless cherub skin is covered in like SPF zillion, make sure to just have fun. Summer is super awesome with a new little one!


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