Stock Up Before Baby Arrives, ULTIMATE Household Shopping List

Stock Up Before Baby Arrives, ULTIMATE Household Shopping List

Household AND baby items are the duh items you need when you want to stock up before baby arrives. But you don’t need a list of the easy stuff. You’re smart, so you already know you need to stock up on diapers, wipes, formula or baby food but what about the not so obvious things like hand sanitizer, one-minute dinner sides, or Dermoplast?

These things are JUST as vital to your future new-baby-existence as the million diapers you plan on purchasing (unless you’re going the cloth diaper route). Now that I’ve brought home a newborn TWICE and felt like it was near-apocalyptic, I’m here to help you have a much more stress-free (and EASY) bringing baby home experience. 

And here’s the HONEST truth on how to avoid feeling like you’re experiencing the end times after bringing a newborn home: stock up before baby arrives!

At LEAST in your third trimester. If you are already 14 days or less away from labor day, girl print off this list now and make Amazon your new BFF. Because I’m tellin’ you, this will make a night and day difference in your brand new momma life. 

Before we dive in, IF you have labor and delivery jitters or are SUPER anxious about having a tiny human come forth from your lady bits and all that comes with that (we’re gettin’ real here sister), I can’t urge you enough to take a prenatal course. I was SO anxious about childbirth that having kids gave me second thoughts.

As the due date drew nearer in my first pregnancy, the stress piled and piled on. The main reason we have these fears is due to our preconceived notions on HOW labor and delivery will go. And 99% of it is false (thank you TV and society <- sarcasm). Here’s the BEST labor and delivery class that helped diminish those fears entirely and there’s even a FREE version. It’s taught by Hilary who has been a certified labor and delivery nurse for over 16 years, delivering hundreds of babies.

Stride into that labor and delivery room like a boss! (Between contractions.)

Here’s your overview of the ultimate checklist of things to stock up on before baby arrives (for a more peaceful, stress-free transition with a quick postpartum recovery sans the apocalyptic feelings):

1. Pantry & Kitchen 
2. Basic Cleaning Supplies
3. Baby
4. Postpartum Care Kit
5. Toiletries
6. Healthy Grocery List Staples
7. Miscellaneous


Stock Up Before Baby Arrives, Not So Obvious Items You Are Likely Forgetting

Stock Up Before Baby Arrives1. Pantry & Kitchen 

I would advise having 20 freezer meals prepped and ready in your freezer at LEAST 4 weeks ahead of time.

In my third trimester (pregnant with baby number 2), I purchased the Living Well Spending Less 10 meals in an hour plan and did 20 meals with my husband and his mother. It took 3 of us three hours to finish but was AMAZING.

If you don’t have room in your freezer, I highly recommend buying an additional freezer like this one. Which FYI is ALSO amazing for storing all that extra breastmilk.

Most importantly, if you’ve never done freezer meal prepping or haven’t tried the Living Well Spending Less plan, you’re in for a treat! You might be like us and never want to cook and eat the same night EVER again.


Food Prep

Below, I’ve listed some easy and quick things I threw in the freezer (all but the pancake mix) before baby arrived in addition to the 20 freezer meals. Most of these things transition perfectly to the crock-pot for almost no mess or prep time

I like to make one-quart ziplock bags of homemade 100% whole wheat pancake mix. I just add an egg and 1 cup of milk before adding to the griddle or waffle maker. Plus, it’s a ton healthier and cheaper than the store-bought versions.


2. Basic Cleaning Supplies

With a new baby on the way, it’s time to look at those labels and make switches to non-toxic, baby safe and eco-friendly cleaning supplies.

Now, that may sound pretty la-te-da to some but did you know your little one can die from just biting into a laundry or dishwashing pod? Even fabric softener sheets require a call to poison control if your little one snags it from your pile of laundry on the floor and puts it in his mouth.

Make the switch now if you haven’t already.

Cleaners (non-toxic, baby-safe & eco-friendly)

Cleaning supplies

Get this STOCKPILE List and more in this FREE guide I put together!:

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