What to do on Halloween While Pregnant: 9 Fun Halloween Ideas for a Night In (Not Trick-Or-Treating)

What to do on Halloween While Pregnant: 9 Fun Halloween Ideas for a Night In (Not Trick-Or-Treating)

Are you wondering what to do on Halloween while you’re pregnant?

Let’s face it—pregnancy can be exhausting, especially in the fall as the days get colder and the nights get earlier. Chances are, you want to curl up on your couch and hibernate until the baby arrives. But if you’re like me, Halloween still holds a special place in your heart (even if you feel like a giant pumpkin at the moment).

The LAST thing you probably want to do during your pregnancy is head out on the town in a “sexy” costume (because just no) or drop in at a hoppin’ Halloween rave. But there’s no reason to be a Halloween grinch and miss out on a little fun. You can still enjoy a night in (maybe even turning all the lights off outside and pretending you’re not home when trick-or-treaters ring the bell?) and if you’re looking for fun, low-key ideas, then this list is for you.

However, if you do get a wild Halloween idea and decide you might want to do some spooky activities outside the general couch area, there are some not-so-crazy ideas for Halloween activities you can do while pregnant (and still enjoy)!

What to do on Halloween While Pregnant: 9 Fun Halloween Ideas for a Night In (Not Trick-Or-Treating)

Halloween while pregnant1. Get Dressed Up in a Pregnant Halloween Costume

‘Tis the season for dressing up! If you’re going to a party or want to look cute when you answer the door to give out candy, there are super cute and comfy pregnancy-friendly costume ideas out there.

Going to a party? Use the “celebrating Halloween while pregnant” excuse to create or wear a Halloween costume you could ONLY rock while pregnant. Avocado? Human emoji? Baby bump fishbowl? There are tons of hilarious, cheeky, and even slightly naughty (pregnant nun, anyone?) costumes out there. Celebrate your pregnancy by dressing up because there are few times in your life you could do this!

Depending on your partner’s willingness to go along with the theme, there are tons of cute couple’s pregnancy Halloween costume ideas as well. What about going as a famous couple? Basketball players and ball? Or Mother Earth and Father Time? Take advantage of your baby bump to make the most of your costume (next year you can have even more fun with family-themed dress up)!

2. Join the Pumpkin Spice Madness (or NOT) On Halloween

Oh Lordy—the PSL craze! Are you on board with the spice? To be honest, I’ve tried them, but I’m not a super fan (it tastes a little too much like drinking a candle to me). However, once-upon-a-time, I was a barista. I have quite a few SUPER awesome pregnancy-friendly beverages up my sleeve, including a few fall latte-inspired alternatives.

When the crisp autumn sweater-weather hits, a chai is ultra-delicious. If you’re unfamiliar with chai, it’s a tea spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, and other yummy fall-friendly flavors. I was pregnant in October during my third trimester (my mid-November baby), and decaf chai lattes were my JAM. If you haven’t tried a decaf vanilla Chai with soy (or sweet chai as they are sometimes classed—not the spicy ones), you are in for a SERIOUS treat!

The good news is, you don’t even need to leave your house for this yummy beverage. It’s super simple to make. Look for the powder version, not the tea bag. David Rio makes an ah-mazing decaf, sugar-free chai. (Plus, how cute is the Flamingo packaging?!) My all-time favorite blend is made by Pacific Chai. Their decaffeinated vanilla was my absolute favorite fall sip.

If chai tea isn’t for you, there are plenty of other beverage options. Spiced cider is nice. You may like hot chocolate or even warm frothed milk. Other options for fall drinks are to zhush up your typical beverage by adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to a regular or vanilla latte. Hazelnut is also a super popular coffee flavor. Ask for a hazelnut decaf latte, which reminds me a little of those yummy Roche candies. Fun fact: hazelnut is actually the number one coffee flavor (so take THAT PSL!).


3. Watch A Classic Halloween or Scary Movie

Okay, there’s nothing that gets me in the Halloween spirit quite as much as a spooky movie. I love a classic Halloween movie, a (somewhat) scary horror film, or even a funny-fright flick. There are literally a bazillion Halloween movies to choose from, all across the spectrum.

I recommend popping a big bowl of popcorn, grabbing a few cozy blankets, and snuggling up with your partner. Or better yet, snuggle up with a family-sized candy bar (I was OBSESSED with these when I was pregnant). I know, you want to eat healthy during your pregnancy, but you also need to treat yo’ self sometimes. You deserve it! One of the great joys of Halloween while pregnant is the candy!

There are so many awesome movies to choose from. Scan Prime, Netflix, or Hulu for the latest releases. A few classic Halloween movie options to check out:

4. Enjoy a Halloween Date Night with Your Partner

While nothing beats cuddling up on the couch with a Halloween movie, there are quite a few other festive and fun activities for you and your honey to enjoy.

A few Halloween date night ideas to check out:

Trick-or-Treat at Home

I SUPER love this date idea. Basically, go out and buy ALLLLL the candy you love. I swear, when you are pregnant, candy (and food in general) tastes absolutely ah-mazing. This makes Halloween while pregnant the perfect time to indulge for one night like little kids. You can even sort out your candies, swap, and debate over which treats to scarf down first!

Carve Pumpkins

True confessions time. I tried carving pumpkins once on a whim without a pumpkin carving kit. Let’s say, as I was up-to-my elbows in pumpkin goo, I realized it was NOT going so well (it was a loooong time before we carved pumpkins again). Without the right tools, it feels like a chore. BUT if you put the right items in your pumpkin carving kit, it’s actually super fun, and they turn into impressive works of art. The stencils are a total pumpkin-carving game-changer! You’ll feel like Martha freakin’ Stewart!

Hold a Bake-Off

Okay, as I mentioned above with the treat-or-treating at home idea, when you are pregnant, food tastes incredible. There’s no better time to put treats in the oven than when there’s a bun in your oven (haha). You can bake cupcakes from a mix, slice-and-bake cookies, or use a cookie kit if you aren’t super kitchen savvy. No matter what, it’s fun to bake and decorate. If you don’t want all those sugary treats around, take a few plates to your neighbors.

Tell Scary Stories

When was the last time you and your significant other sat around cracking up over “spooky” stories? If it’s been a while, have fun with it! Swap the scariest stories you can come up with (or the dumbest things you’ve ever done at Halloween parties in college). “Play Truth or Dare” or “Never Have I Ever…”. I guarantee you’ll both be laughing by the end.

5. Invite A Few Friends Over on Halloween Night

I get it. The last thing you want to do when you’re pregnant is entertaining a house full of guests. First of all, a Halloween pregnancy is a great reason to TAKE THE PRESSURE OFF! Invite your lowest-maintenance friends over, costumes optional. Tell everyone to bring a treat or dish to share.

What do you do for entertainment? Check out a few of these low-key Halloween party ideas:

Murder Mystery Party

Have you heard of Murder Mystery parties? If you don’t know how to throw these, have no fear! Here’s a Murder Mystery all set up for you in a box (with 450+ reviews and almost five solid stars on Amazon). Everything you need to throw a fantastic (slightly spooky soiree) is right there in the kit!

Have a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Ask your friends to BYO…P? Everyone brings over their own pumpkins, and you carve away. Spread out newspaper and get out the pumpkin carving kit (again, a must-have). Give out candy for the “most original,” “spookiest,” “weirdest,” etc. You can put on a little old-timey Halloween music or a classic movie to set the mood.

Watch Spooky Movies

Speaking of movies, having friends over for a mini horror film fest is also a lot of fun. It’s much harder to get scared when you’re in a room full of your favorite people. Great classics like Alfred Hitchcock films, or even episodes of the Twilight Zone are a perfect just-spooky-enough option.

Play Old School Board Games

Get out the board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and of course, Clue! Even classic card games are fun with a group of friends. Again, it doesn’t need to be a fancy gathering. Put on your slippers and comfy pants, kick back, and enjoy a good time.

6. Haunt Your House with Halloween Decorations

When you’re pregnant, nesting becomes second nature. You naturally want to start sprucing up your space, getting ready for your new arrival. Channel your nesting energy into your fall and Halloween decorating!

One word to the wise: next year, you will live in an entirely baby-proofed home. You won’t be able to put your Halloween village with tiny breakable pieces on the floor or hang those spider webs from every corner. Not to say you can’t decorate once your baby arrives, but it looks a little different.

So, make the most of your fall decorating for Halloween while you’re pregnant this year! Put all the cute little decorative items out and about. Hang spiderwebs from the ceiling and put scarecrows on the lawn. Do whatever floats your boat and helps you feel extra festive for the holiday season!

7. Plan an Exciting Halloween Night Out

When I was pregnant, I definitely didn’t always feel like staying in. In fact, sometimes I craved GOING OUT! Now, as I said before, you probably won’t be in the mood to take your “bumpin’ bump” to hit the club (hey, maybe you will be—more power to you), but it doesn’t mean you won’t want to get out and about.

So, if you enjoy Halloween excitement, plan a few festive and fun scary thrills. A few to check out:

  • Haunted house: Nothing like a little adrenalin rush when you can’t get a caffeine fix.
  • Pumpkin patch: Pick your apples, gourds, and pumpkins and take advantage of the super-cute photo ops.
  • Corn maze: Can you find your way out?!
  • Ghost tour: This is a super cool way to learn a little scary local history.
  • Escape room: Especially great for those who like a challenging thrill.
  • Theme park: There are plenty of rides you can still enjoy, plus all the excellent food! Yas!
  • Haunted hayride: Go old school with hayride (hot cider is a must)!
  • Festive 5K: A Halloween-themed walk/run is a great way to get in exercise and time with pals.

8. Create Cute Themed Announcements

Spend an evening in, creating cute fall or Halloween-themed pregnancy or birth announcements. There are so many cute ideas and perfect photo opportunities at this time of year. If you’re in your early first or late third-trimester, an autumn announcement is a great idea.

If you’re crafty, get out the paper and glue sticks and go all artsy-fartsy. If you’re not the DIY-type, don’t worry! There are plenty of online card and photo-making options where you basically plug in the photo and click to buy (no talent needed).

Prep the envelopes, use cute stickers, and write in all those addresses. Get festive with a tasty treat or a little Halloween music. Working on cards is also a great activity while you catch up on your favorite spooky TV shows (Stranger Things, Black Mirror, or go throw-back with creepy classics like Buffy and Charmed).

9. Wear a CUTE Halloween Pregnancy T-Shirt

Feeling casual, but festive? Go for a Halloween pregnancy t-shirt! Don a cute Halloween maternity tee with a funny message! It’s literally the no-effort way to create a Halloween mood and lift your “spirits.”

Here are a few cute Halloween pregnancy tees to check out:

The bonus of a Halloween tee is you can still wear it with your stretchy yoga pants! Totally easy!


If you’re pregnant, there’s no reason to miss out on the Halloween fun. So you can’t throw back jello shots or fit in your sexy nurse costume right now. There are still plenty of awesome fun and festive fall activities.

Throw a low-key Halloween get together with your pals, rock a pregnancy-themed costume (because you CAN right now), or throw on a festive tee. Decorate and haunt your house. Jump on the PSL train or another tasty spicy beverage while you work on your darling fall-themed announcements.

Cuddle up with your boo and watch a creepy flick or take them out on a fun October date night. There are so many great date options right now—haunted houses, hayrides, and more! ‘Tis the season to get spooky, so don’t sit out Halloween while you’re pregnant! Happy haunting!

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